Our Message

It is my pleasure to introduce you to Team Euston and present to you our capabilities which you can rely upon to enhance your private residential and commercial properties including offices.

During the last 30-plus years I have served as CEO and Chairman of investment companies that are listed in the stock exchange market and I have engaged in managing real estate investments in residential and commercial properties ranging from hotels to malls, from chalets to farmhouses.

My expertise includes project management, fit outs, as well as construction. I frequently engage with international interior design houses, furniture and material procurement firms in Europe, US, and Asia for the properties under my management and supervision. In addition, I am involved in vendor selections and negotiations to finalize projects under my supervision. 

If it’s related to interior design, that’s my expertise and I will always utilize my knowledge and know-how to satisfy my clients. This experience allows me to view every project from different angles: the owner’s, the service provider’s, and the end user’s.

My qualifications include time spent abroad gaining my education in the USA, the UK, and France, as well as my extensive training with the Kuwait Society of Engineers. My competencies include project management as well as interior design and fit out processes. Experience with on-the-job vocational projects also have enhanced my portfolio in interior design and led to relationships with manufacturers of furnishings across Europe and the Far East. I’ve also worked closely throughout my career supervising and administrating various projects with architects, civil and electrical engineers, and designers. These activities have enabled me to develop Euston as an agency that can delight and provide practical value to our clients.

Through the years my experiences have shown me that the Kuwaiti market is eager to find an interior design firm that can bring together all the necessary professional control standards and design offerings under one umbrella. At Euston, I have brought together my capabilities and the talents of my associates, to excel in the marketplace. 

At Euston, Elegance is an Attitude, and Interior design concepts are no longer a luxury for the few, but a necessity for the masses. I look forward to applying our capabilities to projects that will delight you. 

Dr, Khaled Al Mutawa