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Our Story

The Euston logo was inspired by the English architect Philip Hardwick who built “Euston Arch” in London (1837-1962). Hardwick appreciated Roman architecture which he discovered during a trip to Italy circa 1818-1819. He built the arch at Euston Station, but it was not an arch at all. The structure was a propylaeum of the Doric order and became known as "Euston Arch." It is an austere cubic three-story building in the ionic style, with a portico of four giant ionic columns. Perhaps more importantly as it relates to Our Story, Euston derives from Irish origin and means “heart”.​

The Euston Design Logo

The Euston logo is the trademark that represents our company's various divisions and activities. The symbolism in the upper part of our logo was inspired by the crown of the columns used in ancient Greek architecture. The columns represent support for the various elements of design, construction, and interior decoration.



Euston Design transforms your personal feelings about space into artistic realizations that match your expectations. Our desire is your complete satisfaction.


We are passionate about providing the most technologically advanced contemporary interior design solutions. We will always be “ahead of the curve,” giving our clients thoughtful, practical, and inspiring interior design services.

Our Strategic Philosophy

At Euston Design, we understand you and your expectations for interior design. The way you feel about the spaces and places you occupy at home and at work helps determine your state of mind, your quality of life, and the way you think about yourself, your family, your world. 

We want the best of all possible scenarios for our clients. That is why we are dedicated to transforming your personal feelings into artistic realizations that enhance your expectations. 

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How We Work.

If you seek harmonious interiors that convey practicality, character, joy, and luxurious elegance, you will appreciate Euston’s Six Steps to Excellence. We consider your needs and space requirements and then create a cohesive, visually pleasing interior design. And to get it just the way you want, we pay attention to all the details: color palettes, lighting, materials, and the ultimate positioning of furniture and accessories in your chosen space.

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Euston’s Six Steps to Excellence

After you express your interest in working with Euston, we implement the following Six Step Plan to Excellence.

#1 Consultation

At our first meeting (at our office or your location) we will introduce Team Euston to you and discuss the opportunities we share. We want to know about you, your space, your ideas, your needs, and especially your expectations. We will share with you Team Euston’s expertise, our history, our capabilities, and our commitment to your project. When we complete Step One, we will have a good understanding of your style preferences and requirements, and you will become familiar with our designer, our support team, and how we will implement a plan to fulfill your desires.

#2 Agreement

After further consultation, we will take note of the space (or spaces) to be designed. We have expertise in private residential, including chalets and farmhouses, and commercial and hospitality as well as offices. You specify your requirements and together we will outline the scope of the work to be completed. During this stage of our work, we also review layout floor plans and consider recommendations or adjustments that may be appealing to you. To be sure, we will discuss payment terms. At the conclusion of Step Two, we will agree upon the design contract and will request your authorization.

#3 Onsite Visit

At your convenience, Team Euston will visit your location to gather additional information about your space. Once again, we will further discuss your expectations to provide assurance that we are meeting your needs. During Step Three we carefully record the necessary measurements so that we can move your project into the preliminary design stages. 

#4 Design Development

Now the fun begins! During Step Four, Team Euston creates a preliminary mood board, interior design concept and style (based on the information we gathered earlier). The mood board provides specific attention to colors, lighting, materials, fabrics, furniture style ideas, and other details based on your lifestyle, your tastes, and your needs. Our focus remains on your expectations and complete acceptance of our project.

#5 Presentation

Team Euston will now present our proposed design in the form of drawings or a computer-generated 3D rendering. During Step Five be prepared for some exciting moments when you will enjoy all the design elements, we showcase for you. Ultimately, we will bring our rendering to life for your enjoyment. Now is your opportunity to provide additional ideas and feedback which will allow us to make necessary adjustments.

#6 Final Design

Team Euston creates a final design in color and in A3 format. The soft copy will include detailed drawings and the description of all materials and finishes to be used for your project. Step Six brings you one step closer to the reality of your desired interior design. One step closer to your peace of mind!